Saturday, December 8, 2007

Here it is, folks! The Brooklyn installment of the 9 poets, 9 cities reading series, happening on Sunday, December 9 along the B63 bus route -- (that's 6+3=9). Come on along!

Reading (1): Sunday, December 9
10:00 AM

95th street and 4th Ave, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn
95th street subway stop, underneath the Fort Hamilton 24 hour diner, just down the block from the 99 cent store with the black santa face.
Poem: Filter stimulus, by a.rawlings, from forthcoming work: Ecolology

Reading (2): Sunday, December 9

10:34 AM Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
On the B63 Bus between 92nd street and 68th street, Brooklyn, near the back of the bus.
Poem: Dorothea Lasky's "Monsters"

Reading (3): Sunday, December 9
10:50 AM Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
5th Avenue between Senator street and 67th street, in front of the Bait & Tackle and next to the psychic.
Poem: Hoa Nguyen's O Who Exactly

Reading (4) Sunday, December 9
11:30 AM Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Sunset Park, 41st and 5th street, on the boulder in the lower corner of the park, overlooking 5th Ave and 41st street, with a view of the water. Poem: "A Found" by Karen Hannah

Reading (5) Sunday, December 9
12:00 Noon Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Melody Lanes bowling alley, 37th street and 5th avenue
In the arcade behind the snack counter, next to the rocket ship.
Poem: Jen Coleman's "Mirror song"

Reading (6) Sunday, December 9
12:30 PM Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn
Greenwood Cemetery, 25th street and 5th avenue entrance, across from McGovern florist, near the civil war gravestones.Poem: Logan Ryan Smith's "Don't get me started on gravity"

Reading (7) Sunday, December 9
12:50 PM
Bus stop, 9th street and 5th Avenue outside of Neergaard 24 hour Pharmacy
Poem: "The Hand" by Travis Nichols

Reading (8) Sunday, December 9
1:20 PM
Playground at 3rd street and 5th avenue, near the slides or near the swings, whichever is least crowded.
Poem: Yuri Hospodar's "My Red Wheelbarrow"

Reading (9) Sunday, December 9
2:15 PM
Outside the wierd Atlantic Ave building with no entrance, on the median where Atlantic Ave, 4th Avenue and Flatbush all converge
Poem: Kendall Grady's "Let's Make Things Harder"

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